Virtual Blog Touring

Caravan from site to site, blog to blog across the Internet in celebration of you and your book. Think of a progressive dinner where you travel to one house for the appetizer, another house for the soup; at the next stop, you get an entrĂ©e, and on to the dessert at yet another house. Now, put that concept into book and Internet terms, and you have what's known as a virtual blog tour. 

We write and send your query letter to blog owners and radio show hosts in your genre who will host you as a guest. We coordinate the hosting participants to help them cross promote you and your book, using social media networking to create a buzz and spread the news about where you are going next. This effort invites others to travel the circuit with you and leave comments at each stop/site. We write the marketing material and ask the host to write a review, share an article, post a question-and-answer interview about your book, run a contest giveaway, post an excerpt from the book, or where available to post a book trailer on their blog for an assigned tour date.  

A virtual book tour is a great way to network since all parties get new visitors to their blogs/Web sites as a result of our joint publicity efforts. 

Ink Slinger's Whimsey offers virtual tour management as well as virtual tour hosting.