Friday, March 19, 2010


A connecting principle
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectable ~ The Police

It is amazing what happens in your life when you let go of and walk away from the things that are consuming you. That is what I did recently. I walked away from a job I'd held for five years, with no prospects waiting in the wings and a health condition that was threatening to put me in the Hospital or under the ground.

I know! When you look at the economy and the job market, even with Obama in the White House and the promise of health care reform on the horizon . . . letting go of a job with benefits seems a bit ludicrous. That's right, look back and notice I said that I had a health condition threatening to put me in the hospital. What about that, eh? Diabetes, with complications ranging from tingling toes to skyrocketing blood pressure. How could I do something so crazy?

How could I NOT?

When the Doctor tells you they can't let you leave their office because your blood pressure is so high you are at risk for a stroke and that you need to quit your high stress job for another, preferably one with insurance, it gives you pause. In my pause I thought of the things that I hadn't done and of the things I wanted to do before "checking out." I thought of all the dreams I had given up on, the opportunities I'd said no to because I believed I needed a job with health insurance. I thought of the life I wanted and didn't have, of the sacrifices I had made and for what? The paycheck wasn't worth it and the health insurance I was holding on so tightly to wasn't making me healthier. If anything health insurance was just giving me a sense of false security. It wasn't even helping me manage my illness. I was getting worse with every visit to the doctor's office. In my pause, I contemplated that health insurance doesn't guarantee health. It doesn't ensure physical well being, and damn it all, I am not going to die a slave to it. I quit . . . and began to pray.

This is my prayer.

Universal and infinite Power
Source, well spring,
Eternal Spirit
Through your grace and by your will . . .
I ask to move into health, wealth and a prosperity of spirit in which I can be of blessing to others.
I ask for my efforts, both as an individual and in partnership, to financially support and sustain myself and my family with an ease of effort and creative bliss.
I ask to have a positive, healing and inspiring impact on those people and situations I encounter, with no cost or negative tax to myself or my relationships and personal well being.
I ask for a deeper relationship with the creator and the powers of Spirit.
I ask to come into balance within the flow of Ashe, life force energy and the Creator's will.
I place myself, my dreams and my family in the Creator's care and ask the Creator's blessings upon all beings which assist, aid, support or uplift me. Aho -so be it.

In a matter of days from quiting my old job I connected with a dear friend, Yvonne Perry, who happens to live two minutes down the road from me and owns a fabulous company called Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. Guess what! She needed help. Guess what else, 'cause it gets better . . .
I get to work from home. I have time to walk every morning, for as long as I like. I can wear my pajamas to work if I really feel the need to. I get to be creative and help other people be the same. I have time for myself and for my art. Best of all in the weeks since I left the old patterns and ways of thinking my health has turned around, blood sugars normalizing, blood pressure improving, and I've lost WEIGHT.

Synchronicity, what more can I say?

I am grateful.

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  1. Tears of gratitude and love are welling up in my eyes as I read this. I was just as blessed to have reconnected with you, Vonnie. The day before you asked me to join you for a walk, I had asked the Universe to send me some qualified help to expand my business! I recognize a gift when she comes!