Friday, June 10, 2011

The Killing Game

Book Title: The Killing Game
Author: Joe C. Stevens
ISBN: 978-1432769086
Publisher: Outskirts Press

The Killing Game is a novelette about a former mob hit man, Bronson Trellisane, who is being forced out of Retirement to kidnap a government witness. Why kidnap when, as Bronson puts it, “I’m a shooter, not an errand boy?” Ah, now we get to it. You see Bronson isn’t just any hit man and this witness isn’t testifying about the run of the mill mob activity. The whole messy business centers around the last job Bronson handled before disappearing into anonymity. Linda Masters is a bit of flash secretary for his former mob boss and she is running scared with information about the mob’s involvement and Bronson’s part in the assassination of JFK. Bronson needs to know what she’s got on them and at the same time extricate himself for good. Add to the mix a shady CIA man and the game they are all playing just gets deeper.

J.C. Stevens has written an interesting “what if” story for conspiracy theorists and crime fans to enjoy as a quick read. Perfect for airplane reading or an easy day on the beach. The Killing Game offers intrigue and a fast paced cross country ride to thrill audiences. There are a few surprising twists that I won’t spoil for you. Over all, The Killing Game is a good time read.

J.C. doesn’t attempt to prove any conspiracies with this book. He approaches the idea of a hidden gunman in the grassy knoll as if it was fact and not fiction, treating the assassination of JFK as background for the story he wants to tell. There comes a time when the truth can never be discovered and the myths develop. The Killing Game is an example of where one person’s creativity and imagination can journey out of the realm of fact and into the haze of fantasy.

Although it isn’t easy to find much sympathy for a person such as Bronson Trellisane, the author doesn’t seek to win hearts. This book isn’t about getting answers or true justice for JFK. This isn’t even a serious consideration of the JFK assassination, or an author’s attempt at historical reconstruction. The Killing Game is a creative exploration down one road in the many facets and theories surrounding the JFK murder. It isn’t intended as a school primer or to be confused with fact. It is a “What if story” simple and sweet.

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