Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ShadowLove - Stalkers

Claudy Conn adds heat to the paranormal and vampire romance genre with her newest series.

ShadowLove - Stalkers

Book Title: ShadowLove - Stalkers
Author: Claudy Conn
ISBN: 978-1463556211
Publisher: CreateSpace
Reviewer: Vonnie Faroqui

Avid vampire and paranormal romance enthusiasts are in for a darkly delicious thrill when they sink their teeth into Claudy Conn’s newest series, ShadowLove – Stalkers. Conn has a gift for character and plot development that sets her work apart from other romance novelists. There are few romance writers of her caliber, who are able to sustain and build a quality series as she can do. It is a pleasurable gift to all of us that she has launched her writing into the paranormal and vampire sub-genres.

Shawna has been running for most of her life. Half white-witch and half vamp, Shawna’s daddy is Pentim Rawley, the powerful and vicious leader of a ruling vampire clan. Hidden at birth, protected and trained in the magical arts by her grandparents, Shawna has grown into a feisty, independent, beautiful young woman, but she is deeply lonely and now she has to run . . . Pentim has discovered that he has a daughter and he is looking for her.

Enter Chad Macfare . . . with secrets and desires of his own. He has visions, waking dreams of Shawna in Pentim’s grasp, and what he sees chills him to the bone. Chad is moved to seek Shawna himself, but is torn between the need to protect her and the knowledge that he will have to use her as bait if he is ever to destroy the monster that is Pentim Rawley. This is a deadly game with more at risk for Chad Macfare than losing his heart. Chad is more than he seems. His family has secrets so deep that if revealed would bring them under the eye of the father of all vampires himself, Dracula. Together Shawna and Chad struggle with trusting each other and knowing that the secrets they each keep could place others, innocents, in the hands of pure evil.

ShadowLove – Stalkers is filled with steaming action and dramatic tension. Vampires aren’t the only monsters taking cover in the darkness of the night. There are other powers introduced for the series, whose intentions and capabilities are yet to be revealed. Claudy delicately plants the seeds for future development and characters without distracting from the excitement and romance of Stalkers. She has taken the best of the vampire and paranormal lore and built in many intriguing twists and avenues, exploring and combing the lore so masterfully that she develops whole areas of the genre left untouched by other writers. The result is that she has a paranormal, vampire series, of romance novels, which carries her own unique and spicy aroma.

All that being said and I still haven’t mentioned that Claudy fills her stories with enough passion to make the pages spark, sizzle, and steam. She doesn’t skimp when it comes to building sexy into her characters. The women are luscious and the men . . . well, the action doesn’t stop with the plot. She really knows how to make us tingle with anticipation for her next book. ShadowLove – Stalkers is hot, Hot, HOT . . . and yes, I am blushing.

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