Monday, November 21, 2011

An Invitation from Author Mary E. Martin

Author Mary Martin is using some wonderfully creative online promotion tactics and you will want to see what she is doing. This is one example of putting the available technology and social media to work for you.
Here is the invitation she has sent inviting us join her for the upcoming launch of The Fate of Pryde.


Do you remember that childhood fantasy of toys coming alive and jumping out of the box to play at night when children are sleeping? What’s happening on my blog in November will remind you of that fantasy.

You may already know that the second novel in the Trilogy of Remembrance, The Fate of Pryde will be published soon—in fact by the beginning of December 2011.

In celebration of the launch, I’m handing my blog over to my protagonist, Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter, where he will tell short stories and give his version of events from The Drawing Lesson and The Fate of Pryde. I’m sure some other characters such as Rinaldo and Jonathan Pryde will show up too.

I really want to bring these characters to life by giving them a voice [and soap-box] of their own. You just never know what a real character will say when given half a  chance. 

Throughout November, there will be readings from the novels, some video and photos and maybe some music. Unfortunately, current technology does not permit me to serve you a glass of champagne but if it did, of course, I would.

This launch is different from the usual because the characters will be in charge making it fun for everyone—especially me. It’s a party, so everyone can join in with their comments and questions.

November will be the lead-up to the Twitter Party on December 3rd in the afternoon and Facebook Event where there will be great prizes, such as a new Kindle—preloaded with my five novels—three from The Osgoode Trilogy and two from the Trilogy of Remembrance.

Alexander is already holding forth on my blog and so, you need to listen up!  To follow the fun throughout November just click here  and you won’t miss a thing.

Thanks everyone. See you soon!

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