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Sweet Satisfaction: a Review of 'Prince In The Mist,' a novella by Claudy Conn

Prince In The Mist, By Claudy Conn
It happens. Once in a great while a character is born into literature that is so richly interesting one simply can't get enough of him. In the world of romance novels, Breslyn, Fae Prince of Dagda, is one such character. Introduced to us first through Claudy Conn's Legend series, Breslyn quickly became a character that enlivened interest and inspired fantasy beyond his intended role in the overall series. With Puckish mischief he disregards the rules of human-Fae engagement to tickle and tease Claudy's heroines and readers temptingly. We are intrigued by his interest in us, intrigued that for him we are more than a mad distraction or passing fancy. He is loyal but rebellious, a warrior who loves humans enough to risk his queen's disfavor by entangling himself in their lives and struggles. If you, like I, have fantasized about being seduced by this golden Fae you will not be disappointed. Claudy satisfies her fans' deepest desires to experience more of one of her most beloved heroes by taking us back in time to explore and discover Breslyn's early heroic and romantic exploits.

In Prince of the Mist, Claudy gives us not one but two romances, set in the era of English-Scotland conflict, before the tides of history turned in favor of Robert de Bruce and his Scotsmen. Breslyn digs himself right into the thick of things, aiding the Scottish by bringing the Knights Templar -guardians of many sacred Fae hallows, and Robert de Bruce together against the British.

Claudy opens the novella with the romance of Breslyn and Chartelle -Lady Dumfires. Political scheming, spies and ne'r-do-wells, add spice and intrigue to their passion. Stricken by her beauty and gentle nature, Breslyn sets out to free Chartelle from a marriage of convenience to the traitor Francis Bothe -Laird Dumfries. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Chartelle finds a champion and lover in Breslyn's strong arms. Can Breslyn free Chartelle and stop Bothe's traitorous machinations, without ruining her life, or breaking any of the Fae laws governing interference in human destiny? Claudy's scenes of passion between these two are enough to make your toes curl, but it is her gentle touch on the strings of your heart that will satisfy you long after the story has ended.

Also woven through the mists is the romance of Breslyn's friend and Chartelle's brother, the Druid Priest and Laird of Belfor, Storm MacLean. Alexis of Waverly has come in disguise seeking refuge at Belfor. Keeper of secrets and a possible spy, Alexis poses a double problem for Storm. Her father has been murdered and her lands confiscated by the British sympathizer, Lord Comyn. Storm is torn between suspicion that she may be a plant of his enemies and the burning need to make her his own. Alexis is everything the young Scottish Laird would have in a companion and in his bed. If only he could trust her, but his instincts tell him she is keeping secrets. Whether these secrets are her own or those of another he does not know. It only matters that she is his heart's burning desire.

Claudy's knowledge of the era, lore and history give this novel a depth of color and excitement that is undeniable. Prepare to be swept away.

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Book Title: Prince in the Mists
Author: Claudy Conn
ASIN: B006643NL2
Reviewer: Vonnie Faroqui

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