Monday, July 13, 2015

BlogTalkRadio Interview with Mary E. Martin, Author of The Trilogy of Remembrance

Are you looking for the kind of book which carries you deeper into yourself? What about the kind of book which challenges your preconceptions of life? Do you ever long to enter the sacred mystery, the places where meaning and purpose reside? If you are, The Trilogy of Remembrance is a series that will inspire you.

Author Mary E. Martin is not the average writer. Her work is thoughtful and provocative on levels most books never explore. Full of lush imagery and rich language, Martin's work provokes thought without imposing answers or giving too much. She asks you to join the journey of her characters toward personal transformation, for the gratification of expansion.

Please join me as I host this Blogtalkradio interview with guest author Mary E. Martin, as we discuss The Osgoode Trilogy and the Trilogy of Remembrance.

Hear the author speak about the differences between her two trilogies's protagonists; how each protagonist and series allowed her to explore her chosen themes differently. Martin answers questions about series development, and her creative writing process, as well as real world influences on character creation. She speaks about using setting for greater effect in writing and shares details about where blogging is taking her creatively on the Internet.

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