Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Promotion TIPS: Be A Guest

For Promotions there is no doubt that the Internet is the strongest place to market your product, in this case . . . your books.
There are a few online publicity tricks you can employ that will strengthen your marketing strategy and assist in elevating your site page ranking, self and your book in keyword searches with Google, Yahoo and others.

  • Become a blogging author
  • Become a commenting author at the sites of others
  • Become a guest blogger for an established blog or site
If you aren't interested in becoming a blogging author or in maintaining your own blog the other options are still open to you. Maintaining a blog however does open avenues and opportunities for promotions that shouldn't be passed up without serious consideration.

Each of these options will provide an opportunity for your byline and URL to be placed in front of potential readers and will create important cross and back links to other sites; which is important when you are seeking to improve your page ranking with search engines or when building toward monetizing your site.
Each of these options will also help establish your name and credibility as an expert or established author and will place your work in front of readers, providing sales opportunities; and all three are available and FREE ways to publicize your books.

Join me as a guest blogger
  • Blog about your current or past projects
  • Blog on your chosen theme
  • Submit an excerpt from your book
  • Send me your book trailer
  • Join our network of virtual tour blog hosts
  • Invite me to be a host for the virtual tour you are organizing
I am happy to be there for you.

Contact Vonnie Faroqui for information about being a guest blogger with or at one of the Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services' blogs.

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