Sunday, December 19, 2010

Welcome to Day Four of the St. John of the Midfield Virtual Tour

Happy Holidays!
I especially want to offer a warm welcome to the followers of the St. John of the Midfield virtual tour and author Garasamo Maccagnone.

This is day four of Mac's virtual tour and if you haven't had a chance to visit the other stops you really need to go check them out. Every stop is unique and well worth the click.

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And now. . .
It is my distinct pleasure to present to you, St. John of the Midfield, a review . . . by me, Vonnie Faroqui.

Photo right: Author Garasamo Maccagnone

Author: Garasamo Maccagnone
Book Title: St. John of the Midfield
Genre: Sports Fiction - Adult
ISBN-10: 1608607925
ISBN-13: 978-1608607921
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Author Site:

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Reviewed by: Vonnie Faroqui for WITS

St. John of the Midfield Scores!

The saying goes “Sometimes in soccer you have to score goals.” Well Mac, you did it. St John of the Midfield is in the net.

Garasamo Maccagnone, is one of the best authors I have ever read. He has a talent that is remarkable and St. John of the Midfield doesn’t disappoint.

I think what I like best about Mac’s writing and St. John of the Midfield in particular, is that it is so . . . manly. There is nothing flat, politically correct or whitewashed about a Maccagnone story. He writes with depth and raw humanity. I like being in the head of his characters. As alien as the male perspective is for me, the realism is comfortingly honest. I don’t feel lied to.

It doesn’t matter that the story line might be shocking or disconcertingly painful, the characters and situations ring with truth. I laugh with the Santini Brothers in the kitchen as they tease their boy, Luca. I see Frankie call out and Mario shadowbox the dance of the heavyweights. Later, I feel Mario’s guilt and fear. I believe in Bobo. I suffer with Mario and I rage with Frankie.

Garasamo Maccagnone writes life into his stories; from the littlest observation –the waitress “with rugged facial skin like the underbelly of a rhino,—“to the bigger issues of ego gratification, responsibility and ethics. Mac writes it all in, Life and all of its dirty, selfish, poignant, angry, triumphant, beautiful, heartbreaking confusion, and he does it again with St. John of the Midfield.

This book is easily finished in one sitting, it is that good. I recommend it as a great gift for the reading men in your life, husbands, fathers, brothers, grown sons, and nephews. Women will love it too. One thing is for certain, you will never forget the character of Bobo, the true St. John of the Midfield.

St John of the Midfield
World-class soccer star Bobo Stoikov makes an escape from communist Bulgaria and finds his way to America. Landing a job as a youth soccer coach, Bobo builds a reputation for himself as a successful, yet unorthodox, coach who propels his team to the championship title. But things go far beyond the soccer field when arch rival Sonny Christopher seeks to destroy Bobo's reputation, along with that of his best player and the player's father, Mario. Before he realizes how serious the situation is, Bobo finds himself in sudden death and soon realizes there is more at stake than just a soccer game.

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December 20, 2010, Day five, Garasamo Maccagnone will be joining Suzanne Lieurance, of The Working Writer's Coach, for a podcast interview you won't want to miss. Follow this blogger on Twitter: @WritersCoach


  1. Thank you for the kind words and thanks for the great tour. I recall how often my writing instructor, Sam Astrachan, pounded me with this criticism... "Show it Gary, show it. Don't tell it."
    I was twenty at the time and just learning of course. When I wrote the boxing scene, Sam's voice was in my ear the entire time. Based on on all the extra time he spent with me, that scene is for him. He got it out of me.


  2. Interestingly, that scene is one of my favorite moments of the book. Thanks for stopping by Mac.