Thursday, November 6, 2014

Creative Process and Marketing Innovation

Starting a marketing strategy before the book is written can benefit the creative process.

  • Plan to meet your target audience's needs from the start.
  • Build interest and plot themed hooks into your story or material, usable themes which will open up marketing angles in the future.
  • Is your book of a self help nature, or does it have an element or theme that could be used to attract related interest groups? 
  • Knowing your audience wants may lead you to write in or material suggestive of marketing venues and purchase incentive opportunities. 
  • It allows you to bring your audience into the creative process, through blogging, "chat"-ter, forum activity, collaborative challenges and competitions.
  • Having an interested reader base before you go to print can encourage creative output, and editorial excellence.
Write down marketing ideas as you go. They will feed your creative process and may help you develop new plot elements, as easily as creative marketing strategies.  

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