Monday, August 30, 2010

The Protected: Book One in the Spirian Series

As a reviewer, I have read a wide variety of genres and some incredible books. Like everyone else, I also have a favorite genre. Unfortunately, I don't often have the pleasure of reviewing and reading books that fall into it. I was recently given that opportunity. It is my pleasure to recommend a fabulous paranormal romance, The Protected, book one in author Rowena Portch's Spirian Series.

I will be sharing a sneak peek into book two, The Union, in a future post. The Union is set for publishing in September this year and author Rowena Portch is blowing me away with this series!

Book Title: The Protected
Author: Rowena Portch
ISBN: 1432758667
Publisher: Outskirts Press Inc.
Reviewer: Vonnie Faroqui for WITS

Fantasy and romance fiction lovers alike are in for a delightful and surprising read as author Rowena Portch presents The Protected, book one of the Spirian Series. Portch successfully gifts the reader with a heroine and a story that will capture as well as excite the imagination, deeply satisfying the avid reader’s hunger for freshness with a style and plot line all her own.
Skye is a blind massage therapist with special gifts and a bright spirit that has attracted the wrong attention. Skye’s power to heal has been noticed, making her the coveted target of those who would steal her freedom and manipulate her gifts. The fate of her race rests on choices she must make. Poised in the balance point of shifting powers, Skye must choose her loyalties well. One wrong choice will tip the balance between redemption and destruction. If she falters, she dooms not only her race but all of humanity. Vulnerable in ways that would terrify and immobilize lesser spirits, Skye transcends the circumstances of her blindness to wage a battle for Spirit and for all of us.
Portch has drawn from her own life and history to write Sky’s character and world, sharing in a way that only a skilled and talented writer can—the very personal experience of blindness. Not only has Portch succeeded to write a blind character in a sighted world, she has done so in such a way as to create a world paradigm, characters, and circumstances that elevate this book from the ranks of a good story to that of a great read. The Protected is full of rich descriptions, breath catching tension, humor, and desire, with characters that come to life and walk off the page to live in you. With a voice and experience uniquely her own, author Rowena Portch will make you believe the world she writes and you will seek it inside yourself.

Learn more about Rowena Portch and the Spirian Series from her website at or by following her on and at The author will meet and sign books for the public with events to be announced through

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