Monday, January 9, 2012

Class Act, Selling More Books Through School and Library Author Appearances

Join me in this video interview with author Barbara Techel as she shares her book, Class Act: Selling More Books Through School and Library Author Appearances.

We had a great time using Skype to create this video interview for a Writers In The Sky Podcast. The video format allowed us to add visual elements, slides and URL information, to create a dynamic and engaging experience. Video is a new direction for my interviews and I hope that you will both benefit and enjoy what I have put together.

Barbara Techel is a wonderful author, with an engaging interview personality. She is every blog host's dream, offering clear information and advice with ease and experience. Her book, Class Act, is chuck full of valuable tips for making author appearances profitable and effective as a marketing strategy.

I highly recommend Barbara's book to every author as an excellent marketing how to. Barbara shares information on how to pitch a presentation to schools and libraries. Class Act includes her tips on, how to determine what to charge for an appearance, covering elements of presentation and technology use that are invaluable.

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