Monday, November 29, 2010

Say it: A Review by Vonnie Faroqui

Book Title: Say It: I’m No Bitch, I’m No Ho, and I Am More Than Just Another Vagina
Author: Elsie Spruill
ISBN: 143272410X
Publisher: Outskirts Press
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Reviewer: Vonnie Faroqui for WITS

Direct and to the Heart of Matters

Trust a Grandmother to put things in perspective. Elsie Spruill does just that in, Say It: I’m No Bitch, I’m No Ho, and I Am More Than Just Another Vagina. This little book packs a powerful wallop and speaks with loving concern directly to the youth culture about self respect and dignity. The tone of the book is modern and intelligent with urban grit.
Say It speaks frankly about sex, sexual relationships, and promiscuity. It may prove upsetting to those who are squeamish or coy, as the author is writing directly to the youth of today in an unvarnished, albeit creative voice. The chapter entitled, “The Vagina Says No!” is written from the perspective of . . . yes, the vagina and is sure to shock the rigid moralist. However, let’s not lose sight of the intended audience and message.
The author knows who she is speaking to and cares about the message she is presenting. Say It crosses blurred cultural lines to address a post feminist, MTV generation about the societal changes and impact of sexual promiscuity on the dignity, self respect, and health of women in the modern era. I felt the direct and powerful approach taken was realistic and necessary when reaching out, especially to the young urban woman. Elsie writes on a level that can be understood, delivering a message that touches every one.
Women’s groups and organizations that are dealing with the health and societal consequences of the sex and urban rap culture are sure to be able to use this book effectively to help promote change. Today’s youth are not interested in preachy sentimentality and glossy self righteous talk. Elsie knows this and writes in terms that will be understood and appreciated by those who deal and live real.

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