Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Limelight Book Review to Launch April 2011

Ink Slinger's Whimsey [ISW] is always seeking new and innovative ways to assist our clients with their online promotions. The Limelight Book Review is our most recent project directed toward assisting our clients in capitalizing on and utilizing the social media phenomenon created by YouTube. 

Limelight Book Review Launches April, 2011
About the Show

The Limelight Book Review is a weekly, video book review produced by and presented through the Ink Slinger’s Whimsey author promotions blog and is being promoted with a monthly online media release, in our newsletter, to our mailing list and through our blogs.

Audiences will be introduced to new authors, learn additional and interesting facts about authors they have met before, and enjoy insightful reviews about the latest books on the market.

The focus of the show is to bring positive attention to up and coming or established authors by . . .

• Sharing author bios and Internet URLs
• Featuring video book reviews with 4 and 5 star ratings
• Placement of video book reviews at http://inkslingerswhimsey.blogspot.com/, Amazon.com, YouTube, on Videojug.com and other video related social media outlets
• Announcing author promotional and virtual tour campaigns
• Providing authors with video book reviews that can be used for online self promotion through social media

Promotional Offer

Presently, the Limelight Book Review is in the production stages while we build a season of reviews and will launch right here, April 2011. 

As part of the promotional build up and preparation for the show's launch, the Limelight Book Review video reviews are being offered free with the purchase of ISW's standard book review and the WITS Podcast interview combined services. For service details visit http://www.ink-slingers-whimsey.com/services.php.

Start building your video presence on the Internet by having our video review of your book featured on The Limelight Book Review. Submit your book for a free assessment now as the promotional offer won't last forever.

How Does My Book Become a Featured Review?

Books coming to ISW for written or video review services are assessed for entertainment value or social and cultural significance and literary quality, with grammatical and mechanical consideration. The review services are reserved for books receiving our four to five star rating. There is no charge for the assessment or if a book does not receive a high enough rating to be featured as a written review on our blog or through the Limelight Book Review show.

Authors interested being featured through this promotional opportunity please contact . . .

Vonnie Faroqui
Ink Slinger's Whimsey

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  1. I am super thrilled to thank Outskirts Press's blog at http://bit.ly/selfpubilshingadvice for featuring the Limelight Book Review, video review service in their blog as today's Service Spotlight! We do a lot of work with author's coming to us from Outskirts Press and are deeply gratified that they would give us their time and attention.