Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Social Media: Using LinkedIn's Blog Link application to broaden your promotional reach

If you have a LinkedIn account or are considering using LinkedIn as part of your social media plan, don't miss adding the Blog Link application, powered by TypePad, when you set up your profile.

Blog Link is a free application that pulls your author blog, or blogs you write for clients, onto your LinkedIn home page. All you have to do is list your blog as one of the live links allowed in your profile, and when you choose the Blog Link tool it pulls your blog into LinkedIn.  Not only will this application display your blog entries, it will display the blog entries made by any of your LinkedIn connections who also use the blogroll feature.

For those of you seeking to expand the reach of your blog or sell books outside of a regional location, using the Blog Link application in LinkedIn is a powerful easy way to attract new readers, and to build stronger relations with your connections.

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