Friday, May 6, 2011

Author Margaret Gill Shares Her Book,The Quetzal Skull

Today I would like to share the interview I did for Writers in the Sky Podcast, with author Margaret Gill, about her most recent novel, The Quetzal Skull.

The Quetzal Skull, is already featuring in the quarter finals of the Amazon breakthrough novel contest for 2011. Three of Margaret's books have won first prizes at Winchester Writers' Conference and Swanwick Writers' Conference in the UK. Narwhal the prequel to The Quetzal Skull was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press award, the UK Authors competition, was a Finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards (USA) and winner of the Eric Hoffer award.

This fascinating author shares her experiences in writing, the considerations she had about self publishing, for her choice of publishers, and gives some excellent marketing strategy tips.

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"Margaret has a depth of emotion and joy for writing that really comes through in our interview. She writes from a place that few authors ever reach, a place of wonder for the mysteries of life and all things hidden. This author interview was pure joy. Thank you Margaret." - WITS Podcast host and reviewer Vonnie Faroqui.

Margaret lives in the United Kingdom, where she has spent the majority of her career as an educator. She was Head of English at Wellingborough College,UK, for twelve years. Her chief interests apart from writing are in the fields of healing, meditation and yoga which she teaches locally on a part time basis. She also loves to travel and art and is herself an artist, as she puts it painting from time to time.

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For those of you wondering, Quetzal is pronounced [ket-sahl]

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