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ISW Welcomes the Mary E. Martin Virtual Tour Followers!

Of all the forms of entertainment reading is perhaps the most intimate. Readers often have deep visceral responses to and relationships with the books they read. Authors of the past may have deeply impacted culture and readers' lives, but seemed elusive and distant to the public. In this modern age the relationship between author and reader is rapidly becoming more intimate and less distant. The internet has made the author more accessible to fans and given the reader greater influence over what ideas and whose works become popularized. Authors need and benefit greatly through reader word of mouth referrals, reviews, and yes be-friending. Readers have begun to influence writers through commenting and interacting on blogs and Facebook.

What is an Amazon Boost Campaign and why would you choose today to support Mary E. Martin?

Amazon Boost Campaign
Authors looking to get their books on the shelves of brick and mortar stores need to demonstrate sales. A majority of brick and mortar book stores look to Amazon sales rankings when determining what books they will carry. Guerrilla marketers use Amazon Boost Campaign strategies to elevate their sales and search rankings with Amazon. That translates into promotional efforts which steer traffic to Amazon.com and emphasize purchase incentives, reward packages, and giveaways.

An Amazon Boost Campaign uses social media networking, such as the virtual book tour Mary E. Martin is sponsoring today, purchase incentive giveaways, and rewards to encourage sales during a targeted time block or date. The goal of the boost campaign is to elevate the sales ranking and visibility of a book or author. A noticeable jump in sales has a tremendous impact on search ranking within Amazon.

This virtual tour is supporting a terrific author, Mary E Martin, in her Amazon boost campaign.

The hosts are sharing articles written by the author or offering blog tailored Q&A written interviews, their reviews of Mary's works, book trailers, and more in support of that effort. Today ISW is linking in with blog hosts Sue Magee, of The Book Bag and Norm Goldman of Book Pleasures on the tour.

I encourage those of you visiting this site to assist author Mary E. Martin in her Amazon boost through purchasing today. Your purchase receipt confirmation number can then be used to enter the tour's $200 Amazon gift card giveaway. Once your purchase has been validated the tour will send you a rewards access pass-code, which you can use to claim free e-books and coupon codes, donated by tour blog host sponsors.

Everything you need to know about the tour Schedule, Giveaway Incentive, and Rewards can be found on Mary's Virtual Tour page.

Social media is the author's friend, something readers don't typically think about. Sharing your enjoyment of a book could be the boost that an author needs in sales. Authors are mostly on their own in building an audience and marketing their books. Even authors with the dubious fortune of being published by traditional publishing houses. You don't see many books being marketed on television or through mainstream media because the cost of marketing is so high. Books are low cost items and have to make millions of sales to justify promotional costs and budgets. Typically, an author might see as little as pennies per sale on work that may have taken them years to complete. For that reason, authors need friends and fans that share to help them promote their work.

Mary and I recorded an interview together for BlogTalkRadio, discussing her book marketing experience over the course of her writing career to date. Mary even gets in a few questions of her own, asking me questions about what a virtual tour is, how the are organized, and about Amazon boost campaigns.

"Exploring Virtual Book Tour and Amazon Boost Strategies for Book Marketing" Ink Slinger's Whimsey on BlogTalkRadio

Check Out Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with inkslngrswhmz on BlogTalkRadio

Author Mary E. Martin

About Mary E. Martin

Mary E. Martin received an Honors degree in history from the University of Toronto in 1968, and in 1972, earned a law degree from Queens University. From 1973- 2000, Martin primarily practiced estate and real estate law in a small Toronto law firm. Married in 1973, she and her husband continue to live in Toronto, where they raised their three children. In 2012, she became the grandmother of two gorgeous grandchildren. In 2000, Martin retired from practicing law to become a full time writer and photographer. As a photographer she has six shows to her credit.

As an author Martin has self published two trilogies, The Osgoode Trilogy and The Trilogy of Remembrance; which have garnered several awards and attracted popular attention and praise with readers through social media recognition. Martin’s popularity has grown with readers through internet promotion activities, as a featured novelist with Wattpad, as a popular guest for podcast interviews, and as a blogger.

Martin’s literary accomplishments include:


Conduct in Question, Martin’s first novel, garnered 962,391 reads as a free featured novel through the popular social media site Wattpad.com and its mobile application.
Final Paradox received an Honorable Mention in the Hollywood Book Festival; and garnered 130,552 reads while being promoted as a featured novel through Wattpad.
A Trial of One was the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award, in both The London Book Festival, and The New York Book Festival.


The Drawing Lesson, and The Fate of Pryde, both received Honorable Mentions in the New York Book Festival.
In Dec 2014, The Drawing Lesson, the first novel in the Trilogy of Remembrance, began its promotional debut as a free featured novel through Wattpad.com and has a growing readership of 29,337.

Night Crossing, third in the Trilogy of Remembrance, was published in 2014, and has already been awarded an Honorable Mention for Literary Fiction in the 2014 London Book Festival, as well as high praise from reader and critic reviews on Amazon.com and through popular book review sites such as BlueInkReview, ForewordReviews, AvidReader.com and BookReadersHeaven. Martin has been a featured guest for the popular Internet podcast host Simon Barrett and for host Fran Lewis over BlogTalk Radio.

Martin continues as a writer of literary fiction, has an author’s blog, and is featured for her art commentary as blogger for Artsy.net. Martin’s author blog features themes which include tips about writing and publishing, discourse on creativity, inspiration, Jungian thought, the work of Joseph Campbell, and other creatives, as well as commentary on popular current arts related topics and works.

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