Thursday, September 24, 2015

Virtual Tour After Glow: Measuring Promotions Success

Measuring Success 

When Mary E. Martin and I began preparing for the virtual book/blog tour we completed September 1, 2015, we set a few goals.

Some of the social media goals included . . .

  • expanding social media audience base, adding followers
  • increased organic impressions
  • increased mentions
  • increased engagements

Some of the tour goals were . . .

  • Making network connections with other bloggers, strengthening SEO -as an Interest/Information hub, through "cross" and "back" linking and increased traffic activity. 
  • Amazon Boost in Sales Ranking / selling books
  • To celebrate a remarkable mile stone in Mary's writing life.

Measuring the Benefits

It was very exciting to watch the analytic statistics as the tour launched, and over the tour run, including results of the social media tour promotion. 
  • Tweet impressions up by 96.3%
  • Author profile visits during the tour were counted at 1,790, up by 1,601.9%
  • Blog views have risen since the tour, by an average of 120 additional views per day.
  • Facebook following continues to grow . . .

What has been the benefit of the touring and networking activity?

  • Search engine ranking,  using Mary's select key word themes during searches, has her blog and articles placing within the top two entries found. Being found has become that much easier.  
  • Increased book sales. Yes! 
To all who participated as hosts or followed as friends, we thank you!

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